Home Value: Adding with HVAC

June 22, 2020


Most people do not really consider their HVAC systems until the systems begin to fail. If you have an older HVAC system that is working well, it might be cooling and heating your home, but is it costing you more money? If you had a newer system in place would your utility cost be less and would your inside temperatures be more pleasant?

The truth is that older HVAC systems are likely using as much as 30% more electricity than the newer systems use. If you upgrade your system than your utility cost will go down, and the value of your home will go up.

When prospective buyers look into purchasing a home; some of the main things they consider are the age and condition of the roof and the age and condition of major features like the HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, and appliances. When looking for a home to buy you want to get one that is going to have the least amount of problems in the first few years.

If the HVAC system is a newer system then the prospective owners will feel confident that they will not have heating and cooling issues for several years. These prospective buyers will also know that their energy costs will be lower because the newer systems use less energy.

There are some locations that have high humidity and high daily temperatures and those areas always see an increase in the value of a home according to the condition of the HVAC unit. This is often true of the colder climate regions where the heat is definitely needed through most of the winter.

You have to also consider the ductwork throughout your home. Is your ductwork in good repair or does it need a little work? The air from your system travels through these channels and if the ducts need repair then air is escaping and not being delivered to its final destination. You may have to repair or replace this air delivery system if your current system is 15 years old or more.

In order to increase the value of your home when you replace your HVAC unit consider the following things.

  • Buy a system that has a high energy efficiency rating to keep your utility costs as low as possible.
  • Buy the right size system for the square footage you are attempting to heat and cool. A lot of people assume that buying a bigger unit will be better but, when your unit is larger than what you need in your home the initial cost to purchase and install is greater than it needs to be.

Buying a new HVAC system will raise the value of your home, but you will really benefit if you buy the right size and type of system according to your needs.

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