Ditch the Window AC this Summer

June 12, 2020


A lot of people cool their homes with air conditioners designed to fit into a window. These “window units” are typically designed to cool one room of the home. They sit in a window and blow cold air through vents into the room, and you have to turn on fans, open doors, and go through extraordinary measures to get that cold air to go into other areas of the home. These reasons and more are only a brief look at why you should ditch the Window AC this summer.

A lot of people have not considered switching their window unit cooling systems for central air systems. Many people are concerned that if they make this type of change their heating and cooling cost will skyrocket, because they have been told that central units cost more to operate than window units.

We will compare the pros and cons of these systems and see if we can determine which unit is best for your needs, and budget.

Window Unit


  • The initial cost of window units is less than the cost of central units
  • You can just air condition the room you are in and do not have to cool the entire house at once
  • You do not usually need to hire anyone to help you with installation
  • You can buy these units at many different locations including big box stores, Wal-mart, building material stores and more


  • The window unit cannot keep the entire room at one level of temperature. They are usually able to make the area closest to them very cold and the area across the room may be too hot.
  • These units are not capable of filtering the impurities from the air like the central units do
  • They often have adjustable settings of high cool and low cool but do not allow you to choose the exact degree you want the room to be

Central Unit


  • Central units will cool the entire house and be able to keep all areas of a room or the house at a comfortable temperature.
  • You can close the vents in certain rooms that are not being used and reduce the amount of cooling the unit has to do.
  • Central units filter the air better so your family breathes cleaner air
  • The newer units are more energy-efficient and less costly to operate
  • You have a thermostat control so you choose the exact temperature you want a room to be and are not just blowing cold air until you need to put on a sweater


  • The initial cost is greater and they require a professional to install
  • When something goes wrong with a central unit they can be costly to repair
  • These units require more maintenance than window units

Overall we here at Renaud would recommend a Central AC unit for most homes and living spaces. If you really want to know what type of air conditioning unit is best for your home and circumstances you need to talk to the professionals at Renaud Brothers Heating & Cooling, where we can help you ditch the Window AC.

To learn more about this topic or are interested in services provided by Renaud Brothers HVAC, give us a call at (314) 578-4714, we would love to hear from you.

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