How Does Upgrading Your Heating System Actually Save You Money?

October 18, 2019

Some homeowners are fortunate enough to have a heat pump or furnace that has lasted 15 or 20 years and is still going. It seems like a great deal, but keeping that old equipment may be costing them more in the end. At Renaud Brothers Heating & Cooling in Wentzville, we specialize in home heating services and would like to take this opportunity to explain how upgrading your heating system can actually help you save.

Total Cost of Ownership

While it can be hard not to focus on the initial expense, the total cost of ownership is really what matters, and there are ways to lessen that up-front obligation. A 20-year-old furnace is 20 years behind in heating tech, and the equipment we have today is much more energy-efficient. There can be a 40-percent difference or more, and many homeowners can save $500 or more annually.

Zoned Heating System

A new system allows you to opt for a variable-speed blower as well as a zoned system. This adds additional savings because this approach is more efficient on an everyday basis, and it gives you the option to reduce heating in unused areas of the home.


Financing lets you limit how much you have to pay out of pocket at installation time. You can take advantage of the zero-percent interest and other opportunities. You can also set up a plan to use your energy savings to pay off the loan as soon as possible.

Credits and Rebates

You may also be able to take advantage of energy rebates and incentives, which can reduce your up-front expenses once the installation is completed. Tax credits, on the other hand, can reduce your tax obligation when you file for the year in which the new heating equipment was installed.

St. Charles’ Heating Choice

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