Is AC Maintenance Worth It?

September 13, 2019

It’s nearing the end of the season, and you’re considering getting maintenance done on your air conditioning. You’re probably wondering about the cost involved and whether the service is truly worth the money. The answer is quite simple: If you depend on your air conditioner, the maintenance will help preserve it and will also prevent the need for unnecessary repairs that could have been resolved through an AC maintenance call. Air conditioning maintenance agreements offer a discounted rate on service and will allow you to receive maintenance services more often. Many agreements also offer priority service at no added charge and a discount on repair services if they’re ever needed.

Other Factors to Consider With AC Maintenance

The maintenance that’s performed by an HVAC company can best be compared to a tune-up. Typically, the technician will check all the parts, lubricate them, test your thermostat, change the air filter, and more. You’ll be happy knowing that you don’t have to worry about taking care of anything or about potentially damaging any components of the unit. While this is a general idea of what’s covered, it’s important to ask exactly what is offered and how often you’re entitled to service. You’ll also want to ask for a comparison of savings for purchasing the same services without any type of plan. Most customers find the service plans worthwhile and like the added peace of mind that they won’t have to worry about anything until the next season.

Renaud Brothers Heating & Cooling Can Answer Your Questions

Renaud Brothers Heating & Cooling has been serving Missouri residents with heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services for many years. Our certified technicians are happy to provide you with installation, new HVAC systems, financing on approved credit, and maintenance services. We also offer specials that you’ll be able to take advantage of right from our website. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services and our estimate services are free for most major repair concerns. Get in touch with us today, and see the difference Renaud Brothers Heating & Cooling can make.

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