Warm Air Coming From Your AC?

July 21, 2020

Beating the summer heat means dips in the pool, lots of ice cream, and of course, that cooling breeze coming from your air conditioning system.  But what does it mean when you turn it on and all that comes out is disappointing warm or hot air? Do you have warm air coming from your AC?


Unfortunately, this is a common problem with several potential causes.

  1. Someone set the thermostat to “heat”  Yes, this actually happens.  With an accidental bump or kids playing with it, the settings get changed without you realizing it.  Check this before calling the professionals.  You may save yourself some money and embarrassment!

  2. There’s restricted airflow  This could be because you haven’t had the air filters changed or the unit cleaned since the disco era and the filters are clogged with dust or the condensers are dirty.

  3. The outside of the unit isn’t working properly  All of the cooling takes place in the outside part of the system and is pulled into the house with fans.  If there’s no power in the outside unit, it could be a popped circuit breaker to your unit.  However, if the AC unit is popping your circuit breaker, it could be an indication of an electrical problem that could be dangerous and should be checked by an experienced professional.

  4. You’re low on refrigerant  This normally happens slowly over time but it can also be an indication that refrigerant is leaking somewhere along the line.

  5. Leaky ducts  If your ducts are broken or not properly sealed, they can pull in warm air from the outside.

  6. Closed air vents  Vents could have been closed during the winter and never reopened.



The best way to avoid problems with your air conditioner system is to have it regularly maintained by professionals.  Changing the filters, having the units cleaned, and worn-out parts replaced will keep your unit in tip-top shape and blowing cool air all summer long.  Small problems can be found during routine cleaning and maintenance that can be solved cheaply before they can turn into a bigger, more expensive problem.  While cleaning the unit, it is inspected for potential problems like a loose connection that can occur during the normal vibration of the unit or a belt that is on the verge of breaking. These can all be causes of warm air coming from your ac.

Regular cleaning and maintenance also make your system work more efficiently which saves energy and saves you money.  It can also greatly extend the life of your air conditioning unit and when your system is running like a well-oiled machine, it runs more quietly.

Renaud Brothers Heating and Cooling is a family-owned and operated business serving the Wentzville area.  Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is proof of our dedication to each and every client.  We offer affordable cleaning and maintenance plans for all central air conditioning units.

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